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RumbleOn announces leadership changes to execute “Vision 2026” strategy

RumbleOn has announced key leadership changes to further its Vision 2026 strategy, naming its VP of Dealership Operations, assigning a current employee the responsibility of its RideNow Cash Offer tool, and furthering its “composite culture” initiative.

“We’re aligning our team to help us focus on the pillars of our strategic plan, which we call Vision 2026,” said Mike Kennedy, CEO of RumbleOn. “The first pillar includes running the best-performing dealerships in America and the second is about expanding the impact of our RideNow Cash Offer tool to grow the pre-owned business.” He shares that the recent organizational changes specifically address the company’s strategic efforts.

“I believe that the best-performing dealerships are aligned with their OEMs and are held to high performance standards by their owners and customers,” he continues. “Since our dealership footprint reaches all four corners of the country, it’s important that we have a consistent experience in every one of our 55 dealerships. That’s why we are partnering even more closely with our OEM partners and aligning the metrics by which we measure success.”

In the new structure, Cam Tkach has been promoted to vice president of Dealership Operations. In his new role, Tkach will lead a national team focused on driving performance and operational excellence across RideNow’s dealership network. His eight direct reports have responsibilities for sales, marketing, parts, accessories, and service.

RumbleOn’s Chase Vance will now take responsibility for the RideNow Cash Offer tool, a key component of the company’s plan for growth in the pre-owned business across all of the company’s dealerships.

RumbleOn has also streamlined its regional marketing and support functions in favor of this nationwide structure. “I have told my team that we will be driven by a ‘composite culture,’ requiring all of our dealership GMs to share and compare their dealership performance with their RideNow peers,” Kennedy said. “This approach will help all of our dealerships improve and move quickly in support of our strategic objectives.”

Lyle Kramper, a seasoned retail leader at RideNow and in his own dealerships, will take on the additional responsibility of leading the company’s “composite culture” initiative, which has already shown its value to the GMs who are participating in the meetings.

“We are confident that these organizational changes will further strengthen our execution and drive RumbleOn’s success,” Kennedy continued. “I expect that our OEM partners and our retail customers will appreciate our efforts to become a network of the best dealerships in the country.”

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