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GasGas unveils 2025 enduro and dual-sport machines

GasGas has unveiled its 2025 five-model enduro and dual-sport lineup, including three enduro and two dual-sport bikes. The models have been revised with several technical updates to maximize performance, durability, and above all else, ensure a fun and overall improved riding experience for riders of all abilities.

Highlights of the 2025 lineup include an updated linkage to save weight and improve shock performance, a new rear brake caliper that’s stronger and more durable, and a revised swingarm to improve the durability of the chain slider. The all-red bodywork is finished with vibrant new graphics.

GASGAS has unveiled its 2025 five-model enduro and dual-sport lineup, including three enduro and two dual-sport bikes. Photos courtesy of GASGAS

With the EC 250 and EC 300 2-strokes, the EC 450F 4-stroke, and the ES 350 and ES 500 dual-sports, GasGas aims to provide a ride for everyone, from those who want to hit the trails with friends to fully committed racers.

Technical Highlights

  • New graphics include GasGas in bold black letters for a fresh twist.
  • New linkage seals and a smaller bolt provide a smoother shock performance and weight saving.
  • New start/stop buttons that are now in the same housing for simplified starting and stopping.
  • New fuel tank support holds the fuel tank firmly in place and prevents wear on the frame.
  • Updated BRAKTEC brakes include a new rear brake caliper for improved performance and durability with brake discs unique to GasGas to make it easy to keep things under control in the woods.
  • Updated die-cast aluminum swingarm that is low in weight, strong, and lightly machined improves the durability of the chain slider while retaining the perfect amount of flex.
  • Modern frame engineered for stability at speed ensures a light and agile feel through the tight and twisty stuff.
  • Aluminum subframe is strong, light, reliable, and plays a vital role in the ergonomics and handling of each bike.
  • Ergonomic bodywork features large contact areas for maximum control no matter how gnarly things get.
  • WP XPLOR front fork with open cartridge soaks up the bumps with ease and providing consistent, confidence-inspiring performance. They’re also easily adjustable by hand.
  • WP XACT rear shock with rear linkage with a piston designed for maximum initial comfort and updated settings.
  • BRAKTEC hydraulic clutch is reliable and self-adjusting so riders can stay focused on what’s ahead.
  • Forged triple clamps align the forks perfectly for a smooth suspension action and feature an engineered steering stem that offers just the right amount of flex for maximum comfort. Adjustable bar mounts allow for personalized ergonomics.
  • Neken Handlebars made from high-strength aluminum for comfort and durability have a bend unique to GasGas and are covered with a large pad for maximum protection.
  • Large footpegs ensure complete control in all conditions.
  • Throttle Body Injection ensure the 2-stroke enduro dirt bikes run clean, crisp, and create strong power throughout the rev range.
  • Electronic exhaust control on the 2-strokes boosts torque and reliability.
  • Best-in-class motors offer incredible overall performance.
  • Tool-less air filter access allows riders to pop the side cover off to inspect or replace the air filter in seconds.
  • Map Select Switch is a Technical Accessory that, with the press of the corresponding button, traction control, a quickshifter, and a choice of two maps can be engaged to customize the performance of each model. By fitting one to either the EC 250 or EC 300, riders get the choice of two different engine maps.
The 2025 GasGas enduro model lineup includes the EC 250, EC 300, and EC 450F. The 2025 GasGas dual-sport model lineup includes the ES 350 and ES 500.

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