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Suzuki reaches 500,000th ATV milestone at U.S. production facility

Suzuki has built its 500,000th ATV at its U.S.-based manufacturing facility in Rome, Georgia. Assembled at Suzuki Manufacturing of America Corporation (SMAC), the company’s dedicated ATV manufacturing plant, the milestone vehicle was achieved 22 years after the first Suzuki ATV rolled off the facility’s assembly line. Before the U.S. facility opened in 2002, adult-sized Suzuki ATVs were manufactured in Japan. The 500,000th model built in the U.S. was Suzuki’s KingQuad 750AXi, the brand’s flagship ATV.

Suzuki King Quad assembly
Assembled at Suzuki’s U.S.-based manufacturing facility in Rome, Georgia, the 500,000th ATV milestone was achieved 22 years after the first Suzuki ATV rolled off the facility’s assembly line. Photo courtesy of Suzuki

“We’re proud of this accomplishment and the significance of having built a half million ATVs in the United States,” says Masami Haga, president of SMO and SMAC. “North America represents the largest ATV market in the world and it’s important that these products are built here by skilled American workers.” Haga also acknowledged the many United States-based suppliers providing components to Suzuki for inclusion in its ATV products.

Suzuki pioneered the first four-wheel ATV in 1982 and has been a leader in the category for over four decades. In the U.S., Suzuki ATVs are sold through the Suzuki network of over 700 franchised dealers. Suzuki ATVs built in the U.S. are also distributed globally in nearly 25 countries.

Suzuki plans to display the 500,000th unit at its SMAC headquarters, where it will serve as an ongoing testimony to the Suzuki team’s dedication to manufacturing and engineering excellence. Suzuki’s United States sales and distribution headquarters are in Brea, California. SMAC is a subsidiary of SMO.

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  1. I have a 2000 Suzuki king quad 300, it barely needs some seal work on the rear axles, but the best atv for the mountains, I only wished they would of kept on making this style of atv with the awesome gearing…The smaller size is what I loved the most, can get anywhere practically. Maybe a 4 or 500 cc motor, but that small size would of been the Atv of my choice…their making them so big now days..

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