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Buell looks for growth in global markets

The iconic American motorcycle brand started by its namesake, Erik Buell, has announced plans to rejoin global markets.

Buell says it will focus on global growth this summer in Canada and then expand to other countries.

According to reports, Buell Motorcycles, renowned for high-performance superbikes and a highly anticipated Super Cruiser, is on the gas toward an expansion into global markets. Japan, France, Spain, Brazil, Canada, and Italy have been instrumental for Buell Motorcycle clubs for decades.

After being void in those markets for over 10 years, Buell says it plans to regrow global distribution in these markets during the next few years.

To help accelerate the expansion, Buell has opened its communication and phone lines for international distributors and dealers to contact the factory. In addition, it has opened refundable pre-order deposits for customers to show their interest in buying a new Buell.

Following the launch of Buell’s Hammerhead 1190 Superbike and the announcement of the Super Cruiser prototypes, riders worldwide have been asking when Buell products will be available in their countries.

Buell announced in a press release that, with the support of the U.S. Small Business Administration and the Michigan Economic Development Corporation, it has hired an experienced internal team to handle international dealers.

This year’s focus on global growth will begin in Canada and expand to other countries from that point on.

“We are looking forward to delivering high-performance V-Twin motorcycles into the Canadian marketplace. The importation of Buell motorcycles into Canada will genuinely increase the recognition that Buell is Back,” says Troy Devlin, director of business development at Buell Motorcycle Co.

Buell’s expansion into Canada is expected to happen this summer. Timelines for the UK, EU, and other markets are being planned. Compliance is being led by Barbara Kiss, former head of Global Compliance at General Motors, and Buell’s compliance specialist Emily Reid-Barker.

“We’ve seen a strong demand for Buell’s high-performance motorcycles across the globe. We’re listening, and we’re ready to expand with global distribution. Our energetic and growing team is ready to deliver the rumble of our high-performance V-Twin American motorcycles. Riders keep asking, ‘WHEN?’ We want to give them what they want – an iconic American motorcycle with rich history, horsepower, and lots of adventure.”

Bill Melvin, CEO of Buell Motorcycle Co.

Interested international buyers can place a refundable $25 preorder at www.buellmotorcycle.com/global to show their interest, receive regular updates, and be connected to the earliest international export units available.

Interested international distributors and dealers should contact Buell at (616) 888-8281 or email Buell’s director of business development, Troy Devlin, at Troy@BuellMotorcycle.com.


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