BMW issues ‘stop sale’ of gas motorcycles in North America

BMW sent out a stop-sale to dealers independent of any regulatory investigation, following an internal quality analysis, according to sources. The cause of the stop-sale is uncertain, but online reports show that it may be related to a fuel system issue.

California BMW dealer CalMoto sent an email to customers after it was informed by BMW North America regarding a stop-sale order on all internal combustion engine vehicles.

BMW 2024 F 900 model
BMW North America has halted the sale of all new and used gas-powered bikes for a fuel leak issue. No word on further details or when it will be resolved yet.

“This is NOT a safety-related matter, and the specific details regarding the stop-sale will be forthcoming from BMW North America in the near future with the corrective measures required to begin selling BMW Motorcycles again,” the email read.

“This does not affect the new BMW CE04 electric bike.”

BMW North America cites an issue with motorcycle evaporative systems, particularly a component not meeting material specifications, as the cause.

Cal Moto noted in its email to customers that this issue poses no safety risk, and current BMW motorcycle owners can continue riding their bikes without concern.

While emissions were acknowledged as the issue, little information about the specific details has emerged. Some news outlets speculate that it may slow the launch of the 2024 BMW R1300 GS, the successor to the R1250 GS.

The duration of the stop-sale remains uncertain, leaving BMW dealers and potential buyers in a state of anticipation.

We’ll keep following this story as BMW works to resolve its emissions-related challenge and lifts the stop-sale for its gas-powered bikes.


Per WebBikeWorld, a statement from BMW North America reads:

BMW of North America is dedicated to providing vehicles to our customers that meet their expectations. To ensure that our vehicles are of the highest industry standards, BMW performs ongoing testing and evaluation.

Following a recent quality analysis, BMW is pursuing measures to further evaluate the material used in a component of its motorcycle evaporative system, which may not have been produced to material specifications.

As a result, BMW of North America is issuing a temporary, voluntary stop sale for all new and pre-owned BMW motorcycle models in dealer inventory, except for the CE 04.

This temporary stop sale is not safety related and BMW owners may continue to ride their motorcycles as normal.