Trader Interactive launches ‘Premium Select’ ad product for dealers

Trader Interactive has released the Premium Select ad product, enabling dealers to achieve the top position on the search results pages of the relevant marketplace for specific units in their inventory. A given dealer’s Premium Select ad will appear above both standard and Premium ads in rotation with all other Premium Select listings that match the shopper’s search criteria, increasing visibility for participating dealers.

Preliminary results suggest the ad upgrade offers a powerful new strategy to drive exposure, equating to more effective results when it comes to selling units. In beta testing, Premium Select ads exhibited significantly increased search result page impressions compared to standard ads, while also outperforming Premium listings in this aspect. Premium Select placements demonstrated a considerable boost in vehicle detail page views, surpassing both standard ads and Premium listings.

The new option is available for units advertised on RV Trader, Cycle Trader, Equipment Trader and Commercial Truck Trader. Benefits for dealers include the ability to:

  • Increase market/listing share for select units, boosting visibility and driving connections
  • Sustain sales in a slower market by promoting inventory above that of the competition
  • Build brand awareness and move more inventory than neighboring and/or nationwide dealers

 “Every dealer hopes to secure top billing on a search results page when a consumer performs a search for a unit that matches one they have to sell, and our new Premium Select ad option provides a new opportunity to make that happen,” says Jita Karcherla, general manager and vice president of Dealer, OEM, Data and Engineering, Trader Interactive. “It’s an innovative way to supercharge the visibility of a specific unit and get a leg up on the competition, not to mention an additional method to serve up listings to engaged buyers.” 

Participating dealers will be able to analyze the performance of their Premium Selects ads within the TraderTraxx dealer portal. They will also have the ability to view the performance on an individual unit level as well as compare the performance of their Premium Select and Premium/Featured ads to that of their standard listings. In most cases, dealers will notice a dramatic increase in performance starting from the date when they applied the Premium Select enhancement to the ad.

For more information about the Premium Select program, email