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Polaris unveils Ranger UTV and other 2024 off-road models

Just when you think Polaris has reached the limit of what the market will bear with its premium off-road models, such as the new Xpedition adventure recreational side-by-sides, they raise the bar once again with an extreme-duty Ranger XD 1500 utility-focused UTV.

When we got the invite to attend the Polaris’ summer dealer meeting in Nashville, we were excited since it was the first time since before the pandemic that dealers got together in one venue to get pumped up about the new models, get the inside scoop on the new Ranger and Xpedition side-by-sides and talk to company reps about how many they’ll receive for their showrooms later this year.

While walking the show, we ran into Nate McNeilly and Justin Ogg of Chopper City Sports in Fridley, Minnesota. Ogg says they can’t get enough of the premium Polaris models. “It doesn’t matter if it’s Ranger, RZR, or a crossover; we continually go back and forth on whether it makes sense even to order value brand stuff right now. If it doesn’t have Ride Command and premium audio, it seems like why even bother.”

Polaris set the stage in Nashville for the launch of its new Ranger XD 1500 that features a new 3-cylinder engine and steel belt transmission.

Every time the ceiling is raised, Polaris finds a way to blow it off again with an even more ground-breaking machine that doesn’t fit into any category. That was the case with the Xpedition launched in May, as the side-by-side has since captured the hearts of over-landing enthusiasts everywhere. Now, the Ranger XD kicks it up another level in the utility category for heavy-duty rigs, basically creating a new segment with top-of-market, premium pricing to match.

Most of the dealers we talked to at the show say they can’t get enough of these off-road rigs in their showrooms (sometimes, quite literally). In some ways, it defies logic that a side-by-side, costing as much as a well-equipped truck or SUV, could sell so well. But then again, not much in the past few years has made sense.

Polaris seems to know what their customers want. The Ranger XD was borne out of discussions with customers who said they needed a vehicle that could carry heavy loads like a truck but drive like a UTV through rugged terrain quickly and as comfortably. It’s no small task, but the Ranger XD has delivered with impressive specs.

The rest of the 2024 lineup that Polaris unveiled in Nashville included a host of rider-inspired updates, refreshed styling and new colors. The Sportsman 570 and XP 1000 Hunt editions return to the lineup, and a premium trim offering was announced for the 2024 General 1000 to upgrade the style and performance. Ride Command+ also received enhanced features for 2024, delivering more connectivity features, giving peace of mind to riders via new location bump alerts and check-in messaging.

“From the completely redesigned 2024 RZR XP and the industry’s first ‘adventure side-by-side’ Polaris Xpedition to the all-new Ranger XD 1500, this year has been a powerful showcase of our ongoing commitment to lead the industry and innovate for our riders,” says Steve Menneto, president of Polaris Off-Road. “While those revolutionary product debuts are pivotal, our unwavering focus on refining and enhancing our current offerings based on customer needs and feed-back remains essential, and that’s what the 2024 updates represent.”

Menneto told us it was great getting everyone together for the dealer meeting. “It’s a big deal to get everybody back together again. And then the products, if you look at what we’ve done from almost two years ago with the new 570, then the Turbo R Pro, Kinetic, Razor XP, Xpedition, and then finally the Ranger XD, it’s been a string of big new models,” he says. “The Ranger, with its 3/4− ton capacity, and the new 3−cylinder engine, steel belt transmission, is really bringing together all these technologies and creating great packages for consumers. And that’s what’s really cool because it shows what we’re capable of. We’ll see now how many derivative products come from this.”

Chopper City’s McNeilly says seeing all the technology and innovation that Polaris keeps coming out with, along with all the new products, is fantastic. “It’s just awesome to see where it’s coming from and where it keeps going.”


Making its debut last fall, Ride Command+ continues to roll out new enhancements to its service for 2024. With new features like Location Alerts that will notify the owner if their vehicle has been bumped or moved from its last location, owners can protect their vehicle more than ever with Ride Command+. now a factory option for 2024 RZR Pro R Ultimate, Ranger XD 1500 NorthStar, Ranger XP 1000 NorthStar, Polaris Xpedition North-Star and Sportsman XP 1000 Ride Command Edition. This service is also available as an accessory install on most 2024 RZR, Ranger, Sportsman, and Polaris Xpedition models.

Polaris Xpedition

The Polaris Xpedition, recently launched in May, is the first-of-its-kind adventure side-by-side, combining the all-terrain capabilities of traditional side-by-sides with comfort and cargo capabilities typically associated with Overlanding at the highest level. The 2024 Polaris Xpedition lineup starts at $28,999 MSRP and is currently shipping to dealers.


In addition to the newly launched Extreme Duty Ranger XD 1500, the Polaris Ranger lineup receives various upgrades and refinements for 2024. Ranger SP 570 gets new color options, while the NorthStar Edition gets exclusive tailgate badging and new 25″ 8−ply Pro Armor X-Terrain tires for added durability and enhanced puncture resistance. Furthermore, the Ranger XP 1000 NorthStar Ultimate model boasts connectivity features such as vehicle health, issue diagnostics, and maintenance reminders enabled by Ride Command+.

The 2024 Ranger lineup starts at $11,699 MSRP and will begin shipping to dealers this fall.


Polaris RZR, the No. 1 sport side-by-side brand, receives new colors and graphics across its lineup. Both Sport and Ultimate trim levels now receive the same upgraded steering wheel offered in the fully-redesigned 2024 RZR XP that provides a sportier feel while driving on trails. New for 2024, the RZR Trail and Trail S Sport feature electric power steering and LED headlights as standard features. Additionally for 2024, the RZR Trail S Ultimate trim now features Walker Evans Racing shocks, while the Sport trim moved to ZF Sachs shocks.

Polaris RZR is the No. 1 sport side-by-side brand, and the lineup did get some updates including new colors and graphics.

The 2024 RZR Pro XP sport and premium models will now feature the newly acquired Walker Evans Racing shocks, while the Ultimate will continue to be equipped with FOX Live Valve shocks with Dynamix active suspension. Both the premium and ultimate trim received a refresh with new graphics.

The 2024 RZR lineup starts at $15,999 MSRP and will begin shipping to dealers this fall.


In 2024, the General 1000 will receive a new premium trim offering with style and performance enhancements. Featuring 14″ wheels with 27″ Coronado tires and FOX Podium QS3 shocks, riders can adjust between soft, medium, and firm based on terrain changes. LED headlights provide greater visibility in the morning and at night. The 2024 General lineup starts at $17,499 MSRP and will begin shipping to dealers this summer.


Polaris Sportsman is the No. 1 selling automatic 4×4 ATV. The Sportsman 570 and XP 1000 Hunt Editions, while also implementing improvements across the core 2024 lineup, are specifically designed to meet the unique needs of hunters. The 570 and XP 1000 Hunt editions include accessories such as the 3,500-pound Polaris Winch, Kolpin Gun Scabbard & Mount, Kolpin Ratchet Claws, and more.

The 2024 Sportsman 450 and 570 lineup also boasts several refinements, including a new rear brake pedal for reduced pedal effort and feel, improved sealing around the shifter, and enhanced seat for comfort. The 570 EPS trim and above also include enhanced PVT clutch sealing with a higher intake location for improved performance in wet conditions.

For added utility, the 2024 Sportsman 570 lineup will be equipped with new LED lights for the premium and utility models for added visibility. New color options are also available for the 570 Premium and Trail, 570 Ride Command Edition, Sportsman 850 Premium and Ultimate Trail, Sportsman XP 1000 Ultimate Trail, Sportsman XP 1000 High Lifter Edition, Scrambler XP 1000 S, and Sportsman XP 1000 S.

The 2024 Sportsman lineup starts at $6,999 MSRP and will begin shipping to dealers this early fall.


For 2024, the Polaris ORV Youth lineup is refreshed with new colors and graphics. This lineup continues to provide top safety features that give parents peace of mind, including a pin code start, adjustable speed limiter, geofencing, helmet-aware technology, and a safety gear kit. The 2024 Polaris Youth lineup starts at $2,999 MSRP and will begin shipping to dealers this winter.

Chopper City’s Ogg says that the days of basically being an order taker are over. “We’re back to where we must be the ulti-mate sales professionals again. You have to know all the details about the product and take care of the customer,” he says. “You have to know it from start to finish. As they discussed throughout the meetings, our customers expect more now.”

David Hicks from Karl Malone Polaris in Heber City, Utah concludes, “Anytime you go to a show, and you make the investment in time, money, and people to be there, and there’s no new product or just updated graphics, it’s a bit of a letdown,” he admits, noting that he brought five people from different stores. “But when you come to a show and see a new product that’s exciting, and you can see the potential it has to affect your business positively, I think that’s what it’s all about.”

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