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Dealers offer insight on August 2021 Major Unit inventory levels

Dealers who attended the live webinar on Wednesday during the Powersports Business Online Learning Series with guest presenter Sam Dantzler of Garage Composites revealed Major Unit inventory trends.

A total of 87% of dealers who participated in the live poll described their Major Unit inventory level as being “too low.”

We asked:

How would you characterize your current overall Major Unit inventory level (new and pre-owned)?

Too low — 87%

About right — 12%

Too high — 1%

If you were busy conducting two-way video calls with your customers about parts they should consider purchasing for their pre-ordered units, view the free webinar at your leisure here:

If you were only taking the “Phone, Email and Text” approach with your customers yesterday, you just got moved to the front of the viewing line!

In addition to heaps of dealers on the call, representatives from six OEMs also took the time to get smarter about “The Digital Landscape — Redefining Omni-Channel Retailing.”

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Good times were had by all during the Online Learning Series webinar with Sam Dantzler.

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