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Garmin announces new powersports products

Garmin has announced its entrance into the powersports market with a trio of products to help recreational riders roam the unknown with confidence. With the new Tread powersport navigator, Garmin PowerSwitch digital switch box, and the BC 40 wireless camera with tube mount, riders can hop on their side-by-side, ATV, or snowmobile to navigate rolling sand dunes, wild forest trails in the rain, or cold snow tracks in the mountains with confidence.

“Garmin is stepping into the powersports market in a big way with a robust assortment of products designed specifically for the needs of powersports enthusiasts,” said Dan Bartel, Garmin Vice President of Global Consumer Sales. “With Garmin’s new powersports lineup, riders have more freedom to maneuver off-road while staying connected with friends, ultimately enhancing every adventure.”

As riders drive through challenging terrain, the weather resistant Tread easily helps them navigate trails and recognize land boundaries. If a group joins along for the ride, Tread’s Group Ride Radio can help keep track of their location while the push-to-talk fist mic allows friends to stay in communication without the need for cellular coverage. Riders can then use the Garmin PowerSwitch to control their vehicle’s 12-volt accessories from Tread’s glove-friendly display, conveniently activating whip lights, air compressors, differential locks and more. Finally, by adding the BC 40 wireless camera to their side-by-side’s tube frame, flat panel, or roll cage, riders can pair with Tread for a clear view of scenery and surrounding obstacles on the navigator’s screen.

Tread’s Multi-Use Radio Service (MURS) system – better known as the Group Ride Radio – ensures riders don’t miss a beat with the ability to track and communicate up to 20 people in a group. Alternatively, riders can pair Tread with their compatible Bluetooth-enabled helmet or headset for hands-free voice communication. Riders can also pair Tread with most of Garmin’s inReach satellite communicators to stay in touch globally via two-way text messaging, and access weather and crucial interactive SOS. Thanks to the all-new Tread mobile4 app, users can easily import and export GPX files, access live weather, canned text messages and sync trip data across all devices.

Tread also comes preloaded with public land boundaries for national forests, wilderness areas, Bureau of Land Management, and even private land boundaries and land owner information for parcels greater than 4 acres. In addition, riders can download high-resolution BirdsEye Satellite Imagery directly to Tread via Wi-Fi to receive vivid overhead views of the land and surroundings with no annual subscription.

Customize an adventure

Easily pair Tread, a compatible Garmin navigator or a smartphone with the Garmin PowerSwitch and gain control over a vehicle’s 12-volt accessories – up to six outputs of up to 30 amps each. The weather resistant box provides easy installation procedures and the ability to customize virtual switch panels with labels, icons and channel groups, and manipulate controls for dimming and flashing alerts on the navigator’s display.

Users can also attach the BC 40 wireless camera to an off-road vehicle to see surroundings on the navigator’s display. The battery-powered camera can last up to 3 months on a single charge and transmit up to 25-feet to provide wide, quality footage. Rain or shine, the weatherproof camera can withstand compromising weather on the trail.

Available now, the Tread powersport navigator has a suggested retail price of $799.99; the Garmin PowerSwitch has a suggested retail price of $499.99; and the BC 40 wireless camera has a suggested retail price of $149.99.

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The Garmin Tread

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