Taiwan Excellence Smart Transportation Virtual Pavilion worth a look

The Taiwan Excellence Smart Transportation Virtual Pavilion has ramped up the virtual trade show in impressive fashion. The super-cool immersion via your monitor is a follow-up to the recent Taiwan Excellence Scooter Industry Online Showcase livestream that we attended.

Check out the virtual pavilion by clicking the image below:

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Click on the image to visit the virtual pavilion.

Here’s the official word from our friends at TAITRA:

TAITRA, the foreign trade promotion council in Taiwan, held the “Taiwan Excellence Scooter Industry Online Showcase” on Nov. 5. Four Taiwanese scooter and parts manufacturers including Aeon Motor, GPRO, AM Chain and PGO were invited. During the online showcase, they showcased products from smart electric scooters to wheel rims with the goal of attracting new business opportunities in the global scooter supply chain.

The online stream of this event attracted about 120 international buyers and 23 industrial media, including Powerports Business, the Italian media InStella, and Motorcyclist, Nirinsha Shimbunsha in Japan. After the broadcast, buyers were able to evaluate the business opportunities and follow-up with negotiations.

During the event, Aeon launched two products: 1. the Ai-1/Ai-3 Smart Electric Scooter, which uses an intelligent solution “CROXERA Smart Dashboard”, and 2. the multi-functional ATV CROSSLAND 600.

Taiwan’s high-end motor parts manufacturer GPRO introduced two innovative products, the “Patented Two-Piece Forged Wheel” and the “Patented Light Weight Sprocket” which is ultralightweight but strong in construction. With these excellent products, GPRO introduced new never-before-seen concepts in the scooter industry.

AM Chain announced motorcycle transmission chains made from “High-Density Plasma Ceramic Coating Technology (HDPCCT)” with anti-scratch technology that resists both abrasion and corrosion. Since these chains are available in a variety of colors to meet customer requirements, AM Chain has won the German Red Dot Award for innovative design.

Finally, PGO showcased their flagship scooter, the “TIGRA 200”, that features an MMI (Man-Machine Interface) LCD speedometer that shows time, mileage, fuel level, RPM, and ECU information. Riders can utilize all of these scooter functions to enjoy the fun of riding.


In addition, in order to ensure that the global scooter supply chain continues to successfully explore potential business opportunities with Taiwanese companies amid worldwide border controls, Taiwan Excellence has set up a “Smart Transportation Virtual Pavilion” exhibiting 55 award-winning products from 27 manufacturers to facilitate business introductions and relationships.

— Dave McMahon, editor, dmcmahon at powersportsbusiness.com

Taiwan Excellence Scooter Industry Online Showcase: