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Europe: Honda unveils 2021 MSX125 Grom

In Europe, the Honda MSX125 returns for 2021 with a new name — the MSX125 Grom — a radical new look and a new engine that underpins its easy-to-use, fun and functional nature.

On sale in Europe as the MSX125 since 2013, Honda’s ultra-fun minibike follows a tradition started in the 60s with the Monkey and continued through other much-loved machines such as the Dax and Ape up to the present day.

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For 2021, the new version adds the “Grom” name used elsewhere across the world (becoming the “MSX125 Grom”) for the minibike which has been an international hit with young riders, racking up sales of over 750,000 units. As a term used since the 1960s to describe young surfers, “Grom” is the perfect moniker for a mini-bike with a fun, counter-culture spirit.


The new 7.2kW air-cooled engine blends accessible roll-on performance with useful all-round ability and now features a 5th gear for out of town riding; it is matched to a responsive, easy-to-ride chassis equipped with 31mm USD forks, 12-inch wheels and disc brakes front and rear.


The ABS system operates through an IMU. Seat height is a welcoming 761mm, and the redesigned sharp and compact LCD meter now features a rev-counter and gear position indicator.

The biggest change for 2021 is the radical new look that brings a quirky, distinctive individuality from a new sleek LED headlight, pared-down seat unit and subframe, and super-compact side panels and tank covers.

The gold forks and brake calipers and yellow rear suspension finish off the head-turning styling. Easy-to-change bodywork further promotes adaptability and customization opportunities for Honda’s small bike with a big attitude.



Our friends over at American Honda Motor Co. in Torrance, California, provided us with this update as it relates to this Grom model in the U.S.:

“You may have seen the recent announcement about the upcoming release of an all-new Honda Grom in some markets. The Grom has been an incredibly successful model in the U.S., and although we are not announcing details at this time, we can confirm that the new version will be available in this market. Look for more information early next year.”

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