Follow-up, a necessary step to success

Scenario (based on a real life customer service call center report)

An enthusiast, new to the area, stopped by a dealership looking to replace his sport touring motorcycle. The customer did not want ABS brakes and asked if a bike he was interested in was available without that option in red. The salesman did not know, so he took the prospect’s name and phone number and promised to call back with the answer. A similar exchange with this prospect occurred in the second and third dealership visited.

The salesman at the first dealership visited called back confirming the unit was available and tried to set a return visit appointment. Since the first dealership was the most expensive of the three, the prospect decided to wait for responses from the other two dealers before purchasing.

What now?

An outbound call to this prospect is required, especially in this case.

Statistics support the effort here is more than worthwhile. Twenty-four percent of visitors to a dealership contacted within 24 hours of their initial visit will return to the dealership, while half of those prospects will make a purchase decision.
Leaving this critical step up to the salesman, without a process in place whereby he is held accountable, is a mistake. It is the sales manager’s responsibility to make certain every prospect who visits your store is logged and every logged prospect is called.

Even today, with increased industry focus on sales process and the technology tools to support it, this basic but critical step is not preformed with eight out of 10 visitors to a powersports dealership.

Lesson learned

This prospect returned to the only dealer who placed a follow-up phone call to make the purchase.


The ample room for improvement in this area is an opportunity for dealers. Accountability is a must to make sure this most basic yet critical step is completed every time a prospect comes through your dealership door!

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