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Have you made the social shift?

Over the past few years, the traditional method of sending your message out to the masses has seen a steady shift toward a new inbound approach of social engagement and relationship building for marketing a business or product.

Where Facebook was once a place for college students to gather, it has now become an integral component of inbound marketing. The importance of Facebook can be illustrated with over 600 million monthly active users. If your dealership hasn’t started the shift toward social marketing, now is the time to get started.

Facebook is a great starting point for establishing your social presence. When you are ready to join the online conversation, begin by creating a business page on Facebook for your dealership. Once your account is established, and you’ve begun adding posts to your page, it’s time to get the word out. Add a Facebook badge or “Like” widget to your website. Facebook makes this easy by providing you with the HTML code for your site. Promote your Facebook page everywhere at your dealership, on advertising and even your e-mail signature. Send out an e-mail blast inviting customers to “Like” your page.

The key to social success is relationship building. Facebook users are primarily on Facebook to interact with friends and for entertainment. Engage your followers in conversation by using your wall to post helpful information, interesting photos and entertaining videos. Invite followers to supply captions to the photos you post. Include questions in your posts to encourage interaction. General comments regarding the weather and the use of Facebook’s Questions feature help to jump-start the conversation. The more you are able to encourage interaction on your posts, the more successful you will be with Facebook’s algorithms for showing up in the newsfeeds of your followers. Start the relationship building by posting regularly (at least a few times each week) and by monitoring messages and posts on your wall. Quickly respond to inquiries. Make your Facebook followers feel special. Offer advance notice of sales on your Facebook page or unique specials just for your Facebook fans.

Through the process of social marketing, you will be interacting with a target audience of consumers who are interested in your dealership. During this process of establishing relationships, you are taking the trust building which once took place in the dealership and moving it online. When these customers walk through your dealership’s door, the relationship has already been established, and you can quickly move them through the sale. These lasting relationships built and nurtured through the online community will lead to customers for life.

Have you incorporated social media into your dealership’s marketing yet? You can no longer afford to delay. Tell us how social media has helped your dealership. Leave a comment here or a message on PowerSports Network’s Facebook wall at

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