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Volcon provides charging solutions for customers

Volcon Inc. has announced its collaboration with two EV charging solutions providers, InCharge Energy Inc. and Qmerit. Each charging solutions provider will offer respective audiences tailored charging solutions, giving both consumers and dealers options for charging their electric Volcon vehicles.

InCharge Energy leads electrification projects for fleets and dealerships with integrated software, services and hardware that focus on high reliability. InCharge will be assessing needs for Level 2 chargers at select Volcon dealerships, giving the Volcon dealer network an edge by having the fastest Level 2 solution available to charge floor vehicles for test drives.

Similarly, Qmerit is focused on providing end user solutions, assessments and charging station installations in customer homes, commercial properties and multifamily units. Over the last decade, Qmerit has become a front runner in installing residential EV chargers and electrification technologies such as solar panels, battery energy storage and smart panels, providing valuable expertise for Stag owners.

Volcon partners, InCharge Energy Inc. and Qmerit, will offer consumers and dealers options for charging their electric Volcon vehicles. Photo courtesy of Volcon

“This partnership between Qmerit and Volcon is creating the open lane that the off-road community needs to go electric,” says Ken Sapp, senior vice president, Business Development, Qmerit. “Volcon is pioneering an electric vehicle product line that facilitates an immersive outdoor experience. With this agreement, their customers now have access to high-quality home charging installation services that are streamlined and tailored to the unique needs of outdoor transportation.”

The agreements come at a time when many OEMs are including EVs in their product roadmaps or have goals to pivot entire fleets to electric all together. Volcon sees these relationships as an opportunity to further its presence in the EV space by providing dealers and customers options for charging prior to bringing the Stag into showrooms and homes nationwide.

“Buying an EV is only the beginning, and it’s important to us that we guide our customer through their EV journey after the point of purchase,” says Jordan Davis, CEO, Volcon. “Once you invest in an EV, you need an accessible and easy solution for charging it. We want to provide our customers with those solutions along the way. It’s also about developing relationships with companies who share a similar vision and working with them in unison to help propel this technology to the masses.”

Qmerit and InCharge also currently collaborate with General Motors on various charging solutions. Volcon is focused on creating a circular model that continues the reinvestment and expansion of innovative technologies in the EV space.

Volcon will continue to look for possibilities to develop additional relationships with first in class vendors as a way for the company to continue to develop brand awareness, learn from industry leaders, and make the highest quality and safest EV products available.

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