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AL3RT reveals plug and play GPS option

AL3RT GPS now offers a plug-and-play option for its hardwire GPS unit. The Al3rt harness can be plugged into a battery tender lead, or a battery tender lead with a GPS plug can be connected to a battery. The company shares that the plug-and-play option will plug directly into the bus bar on all Polaris side-by-sides, Slingshots, and some ATV models.

AL3RT GPS packages include a QR code card so customers can register a GPS on their own. Dealers are only required to provide the IMEI number to the customer.

The Al3rt battery-powered GPS unit updates twice a day for three to four years. If the unit is stolen, the device can be put into recovery mode and will start updating every 60 seconds to help in the recovery process. Each unit comes with a double stick tape pad with a magnetic side for easy installation, and the device has a battery back that can be swapped out in three minutes to give it more life.

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