KYMCO reveals ‘game-changing’ EV solution at EICMA 2023

Building on more than 25 years of EV innovation, KYMCO announced three ground-breaking technologies at EIMCA 2023 to accelerate the mass adoption of electric motorcycles: The Ionex Battery-as-a-Service Solution for energy companies, the Ionex Battery Metering Unit for EV manufacturers, and the Ionex Energy Station for battery-swapping network operators.

“Today, we stand on the brink of a remarkable transformation in the world of mobility. A shift that reshapes the way we move, a change that KYMCO leads,” said Allen Ko, chairman of KYMCO.

KYMCO’s vision for the EV future focuses on energy companies providing riders with battery services for electric motorcycles. With this battery service, the riders receive batteries from energy companies with guaranteed performance and pay only for actual battery usage. Riders no longer need to buy batteries when purchasing their vehicle.

According to KYMCO, EV manufacturers can use this technology to introduce electric motorcycles with integrated onboard battery metering. Every electric motorcycle works with a battery service. Without the costs of the batteries, electric motorcycles are more affordable.

Battery-swapping network operators can then deploy thousands of battery-swapping stations, said KYMCO, erasing range anxiety. Battery-swapping networks provide riders with zero-wait charging and unlimited range.