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Best practices to grow your Facebook leads

By Ezequiel Arredondo, Contributing writer

Facebook is one of your greatest opportunities to grow your online leads. But with such heavy site traffic, how do you make sure your dealership stands out to the right leads? Many businesses find they can grow their online reach easily by leveraging Facebook’s laser-targeted advertising. The key to drawing in qualified leads on Facebook is to launch an effective Facebook Ads campaign – below you will find best practices outlined by Dealer Spike.

Identify Your Audience

While Facebook receives a couple billion visitors on a monthly basis, Facebook Ads don’t target anyone and everyone. The Facebook Ads tool is one of the most curated in existence, allowing advertisers to engaged specific groups of users based on important qualifiers. You can create your ideal audience list based on their locality, age range, previous website visits and more!

By identifying the characteristics that make shoppers more likely to become customers, you can create targeted ads for these shoppers based on categories such as:

•          Location

•          Age

•          Interests

•          Online behavior

•          Previous website visits

Create Action-Oriented Content

The concept of “less is more” applies well to Facebook Ads. While you may be inclined to fit as much information into your ads as possible, good copy is concise and simple. Facebook users scroll quickly, bold, brief messages are more likely to stand out. Limit your copy to must-know info such as pricing and special promos and write as though you’re addressing a single Facebook user. If you don’t know what type of messaging will drive the most engagement, consider using A/B testing by posting the same image with different copy.

The purpose of ad copy is to generate shopper interest and motivate your audience to take the next step. Promote the conversion you want to see from your shoppers – nothing more. Use a short, singular call to action such as:

•          Shop Now

•          Claim Your Special Offer

•          Schedule a Test Drive

Choose the Right Ad Type

Ad type is a significant factor in determining the outcome of your campaign performance, as ads need to align with the desired conversion. Facebook offers several different advertising formats to achieve a specific objective:

•          Photo: Create a clean, simple format that builds brand awareness and lead engagement.

•          Video: Stand out through movement and tell a compelling story to build excitement.

•          Carousel: Display multiple units or highlight important features and detailing.

•          Collection: Users can browse directly on the ad or click to receive more information.

Facebook Ads allow your dealership to tap into a whole new market of leads and your marketing results. By following best practices to optimize your ad performance, you can access an incredible gold mine of highly qualified online leads!

Ezequiel Arredondo is VP of Operations at Dealer Spike.

Ezequiel Arredondo
Ezequiel Arredondo

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