Connect with your audience through emotional marketing

By Ezequiel Arredondo, Contributing writer

Emotional marketing is described as achieving a desired result by forming a connection with the audience by tapping into human emotion through the use of persuasive messaging.

Emotional marketing is not new to the scene, but it has become more relevant than ever before. During the thick of the pandemic in 2020, we saw a strong consumer preference for empathetic, transparent and authentic messaging over more direct sales pitches. Shoppers were more trusting of brands that put out educational content to support their communities.

While we expect to see some return to pre-pandemic shopping habits, shoppers will continue to prioritize brands that produce emotionally charged, people-first messaging. Studies show that the emotional response to an ad influences buying decisions more than the actual ad content.

“2020 was a heavy year. How do I strike the right tone with my customers in 2021?” Consumers are looking for empathy, reassurance and hope. As a nation, we’re are not out of the woods yet, and your shoppers want to know that you will support them in the long run, not just right now.

Create a Sense of Community

Does your dealership have long-standing ties to the past, or is it a newer and much-needed addition to the area? No matter the longevity of your business, showcase its value to the community. As humans, we have a strong need to connect, so capitalize on your community-centered culture in your website copy and social media messaging. Inform your customers that when they interact with your business, they’re entering a friendly, people-oriented fellowship that prioritizes their needs.

Showcase Real People

Don’t be afraid to get behind the scenes and feature your awesome sales team — give your prospects a “slice of life” view of your dealership. On a similar note, feature your customers themselves by sharing their experiences at your dealership (with their permission, of course). If you don’t have candidates readily available, demonstrate what the average person can expect to experience and how your business solves their problems.

Use Video

According to Forbes, consumers retain 95% of messaging content when it’s delivered through video. This is because video can evoke specific emotions, reactions and memories from the audience. Videos that inspire happiness, amusement, hope, excitement or surprise are the most likely to be reshared online. But whether your video is humorous, affectionate or heartwarming, as long as it elicits a strong emotion, it’s sure to stick with your audience and motivate them to take action.

The much-loved adage “It’s not what you say, but how you make them feel” rings still rings true, especially when it comes to building connections with your sales prospects. We would add, “It’s not what you say, but how you make them feel welcome, heard and appreciated” that truly makes all the difference. 

Ezequiel Arredondo is VP of Operations at Dealer Spike.

Ezequiel Arredondo

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