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Kawasaki’s view from the top

Neil PascaleLAS VEGAS — In the metric OEM arena, where discussion usually centers around one’s company and not about the competition, it was surely a bit of a surprise.

It was a comment made by one of Kawasaki’s executives during the company’s recent national dealer network meeting in Las Vegas.

Hiroshi Takata, president of Kawasaki Heavy Industries’ consumer products and machinery company, touched on a number of areas during the show’s executive presentation, including the extreme challenges of the past couple of years, the notable market share gains Kawasaki has experienced in the United States in the past year and the company’s approach going forward.

However, what drew the most attention and reaction from the dealer crowd was Takata’s comment that he believes Kawasaki’s metric competitors are focusing too much on emerging countries, like the Far East, and not enough on the North American market.

“I believe this is a mistake,” he said.

In the metric OEM world, that’s as close to a direct shot at the likes of Honda, Yamaha and Suzuki in the executive ranks as you’ll likely find.

Of course, once you’ve taken over the No. 1 motorcycle market share spot for metrics, as Kawasaki says it has, you’re probably entitled to such comments.

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