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Segway launches ‘Behind the Brand’ video series

Segway Powersports recently launched a new video series, Behind the Brand, that will take viewers on a journey beyond the glossy advertisements and product labels, allowing a peek into the heart and soul of the innovative company.

The series of videos dives into the inner workings of the company’s culture and the passionate individuals who drive its innovation. According to a statement, it’s a window into the brand, where transparency and authenticity are part of the DNA.

“In a market where consumer behaviors are constantly evolving, the key to success is not just adapting to change but immersing yourself in the culture that drives it. To truly understand and connect with your audience, you must embrace their values, desires, and aspirations,” says Gabriel Cruz, marketing director for Segway Powersports. “Giving people a glimpse Behind the Brand will continue to grow brand trust and create a path towards lasting relevance.”

In 2019, Segway embarked on a new journey, venturing into the powersports industry by introducing the Villain sport side-by-side and UT10 utility vehicle. Launching into the powersports segment, the company taps into the passions and lifestyles of enthusiasts who crave the exhilaration of the rush of off-road terrain. The company says it involves connecting with a diverse customer base and staying attuned to trends in technology and off-road design.

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