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After launching at Accelerate, BadAss Leader engages eight-location dealer group

Morotti’s Southern Nevada Powersports Group has engaged Michelle Reines, the founder of Badass Leader, to work with each of their Harley-Davidson dealership locations, unpacking various toolboxes via hosting on-site team and leadership bootcamps focused on accelerating outcomes through improving the people-parts of business. 

The Badass Leader brand is gaining fast traction within the industry, due to its serious, yet playful take on leadership development. The casualness, approachability and honestly the unconventional coolness factor makes team and leadership development fun, interesting, and impactful. Michelle’s leadership lessons and toolboxes focus on improving how to work together and communicate successfully as a team. From upbeat bootcamps and adventure retreats to keynote engagements, she’s definitely making an energizing impact — dealership teams absolutely love her edgy, playful brand and approach to learning how to lead, and to team. 

Michelle Reines (left), with Michelle Murray at the Accelerate Conference, will be providing leadership training to eight Harley-Davidson dealerships. Reines launched her business via sponsorship at the 2021 Powersports Business Accelerate Conference in Atlanta.

In a recent conversation, Michelle was asked if being a female-owned leadership development company in a predominately male populated industry, was difficult to be given the time of day or to be taken seriously. Her reply was, “Not in the least, we have been truly fortunate, warmly welcomed and scaling faster than we’d ever imagined. In fact, the inaugural Powersports Business Accelerate Conference in Atlanta was also our official kick-off event, and we’ve been on the throttle ever since!  The bottom-line is dealers recognize their teams are interested in being developed and love our unique approach to igniting their potential. The most exciting feedback we repeatedly receive has been from the teams directly, who say, “we thought this leadership stuff would be boring,” they’re actually excited to learn about leadership differently and more importantly are putting into practice what they’ve learned. Transferability is a metric that supports scalable and sustainable success. We’re stoked to be supporting dealers in stabilizing workforces, improving how they team while building passion, bench-strength, and competency with their most important assets — their people. 

Michelle was referred to Morotti through her network and is thrilled to be supporting the iconic H-D brand and proud work alongside of executive leaders who are committed to maximizing performance through people. She believes, the greatest compliment ownership can give its employees is to invest in their development. John Morotti and Tony Campbell have done just that. In fact, they both recently participated with their leaders in a Badass Leader bootcamp in Las Vegas. Even more impressive, they’re capitalizing on training their teams at the best possible time, especially given the unique market conditions. Historically, many owners wait until they are in absolute crisis mode to invest in training their teams, making the battle back onto the podium ever more challenging. 

Morotti’s Southern Nevada Powersports Group dealer portfolio includes the following:

• Tobacco Road Harley-Davidson, Raleigh, NC

• Superstition Harley-Davidson, Apache Junction, AZ

• Mother Road Harley-Davidson, Kingman, AZ

• Route 66 Motorsports, Kingman, AZ

• Las Vegas Harley-Davidson, Las Vegas, NV

• Red Rock Harley-Davidson, Las Vegas, NV

• Henderson Harley-Davidson, Henderson, NV


• Zion Harley-Davidson, Washington, UT

“At Badass Leader, we are real riders who are passionate about advancing the success of those who bring adventure and play into the lives of many!”

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