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EICMA: Stealth electric bikes offers four new models for 2022

After the announcement of Stealth Electric Bikes’ new strategic partnerships with design legends C-Creative and Vmoto Soco Italia, Stealth this week at EICMA in Milan revealed its new range of electric power assisted cycles (EPACs) set for release in 2022. 

In today’s high growth e-bike market characterized by strong expansion and increasing demand, Stealth’s new range brings with it a distinctive character, recognizable by Stealth’s, eye-catching designs, exceptional performance, and a highly competitive price point.

The Stealth Xtrm model will be released in 2022.

The decision to expand its product range and step into the 250W EPAC market “for the masses” was made to offer Stealth fans a broader choice of products intended for everyday use. The range comprises of four new and exciting models which each fill a slightly different void targeting urban mobility, suburban exploration, outdoor adventure and fun on the trails.

The C-Bike and Gravel marry a clientele eager to discover every corner of the city and the outskirts. Ideally targeted at commuters, the C-Bike and the Gravel also have the capability to handle more grueling terrain if those city streets just happen to turn in to something more demanding. For more challenging terrain, the Trekking and Xtrm models will suit more determined riders, eager to make new discoveries and create their own trails.

Component selection is of utmost importance for the team and with Stealth’s new mid-drive power trains churning out peak torque figures as high as 110Nm, the new range sits at the top of the heap when it comes to outright hill-climbing ability and efficiency.  Long run times and reliability are guaranteed by high density, Samsung battery packs (up to 800Wh) combined with a range of user controller power maps, all adjustable by the on board TFT displays.

The release of the new URBAN range is the first step of a larger diversification strategy aimed at challenging the way people move around cities and urban spaces and how they engage with the environment around them.

Stealth investors Giovanni Castiglioni and Adrian Morton are among those promoting the brand at ECIMA.

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