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Rental E-mopeds growing in Italian cities

Helbiz announced that it has launched a fleet of 100 MiMoto electric mopeds throughout Pescara, Italy. The region of operation will also include neighboring cities Montesilvano, Francavilla and San Giovanni Teatino.

Following the successful deployment of 500 Helbiz e-scooters in July of 2020, this launch will provide the community with additional micro-mobility offerings to keep up with the increased demand. Helbiz remains the only micro-mobility provider authorized by the Municipality of Pescara and has seen more than 10,000 e-scooter rides with an average traveling distance of approximately 6.5km since the initial launch. This consistent use of Helbiz e-scooters has also eliminated more than 1 million tons of CO2 during the past month alone. This highlights the local community’s significant shift towards sustainable mobility.

Users can download the MiMoto mobile app to instantly geolocate, rent and unlock e-mopeds directly from their smartphones with just a tap. The rate to rent is €0.26 per minute, €4.90 per hour or €19.90 for the whole day. Each MiMoto e-moped is approved for two passengers and comes equipped with two helmets of different sizes, sanitizing perfumers, disposable hygienic caps and a sanitizing foam for self-drying helmets.

“This launch of MiMoto e-mopeds supports our continued commitment to enhance modern mobility and reduce pollution, while benefiting our citizens and the social and economic system of our city,” said Carlo Masci, Mayor of Pescara. “We have been focused on this vision to become an eco-sustainable system since the beginning. The new MiMoto electric scooters are now available throughout the city and we welcome citizens to ride them safely and with their common sense. Just as the shared scooter offerings have changed the face of our city, we are sure that this will be equally successful. I thank Helbiz and the Councilor for Mobility who have been committed to this mutual goal.”

“As a contemporary city, Pescara has enjoyed the implementation of e-scooters and I am convinced that the community will also welcome the zero-emission electric mopeds with great enthusiasm,” declares Luigi Albore Mascia, Councilor for Mobility of Pescara. “Sustainable mobility is the most important tool that our administration is using to improve the quality of life of citizens. Over the course of twenty-four months, we have created a virtuous system that will reward us in the years to come.”

“Our services continue to achieve extraordinary results and prove that implementing micro-mobility offerings is key to advancing sustainable transport,” said Matteo Tanzilli, Head of Institutional Relations at Helbiz in Italy. “Pescara is one of our busiest cities and its sustainability conscious population rents our vehicles daily. We look forward to providing the citizens and tourists of Pescara with an additional zero-impact, micro-mobility sharing service. This launch underscores our commitment to support the city of Pescara in its increasingly green approach. We are thrilled to work hand in hand with the Mayor and the Councilor for Mobility to advance their vision for the city.”

Helbiz operates e-scooters, e-bicycles and e-mopeds in nearly 30 cities around the world including Washington, D.C., Alexandria, Arlington, Miami, Milan and Rome.

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