All employees safe following fire at BRP’s Juarez 2 factory

BRP announced that on July 17, there was a fire in the storage yard of the Juarez 2, Mexico facility. All employees on site were safely evacuated and there are no reported injuries. No damage was caused to the manufacturing facility, where side-by-side vehicles are produced. The company is ready to resume production and is expecting to receive clearance from authorities by mid-week.

“I am pleased that all our employees are safe and followed our health and safety protocols. We appreciate the quick assistance of the firefighters, local businesses and authorities. We do not anticipate any material impact to our business,” said José Boisjoli, president and CEO of BRP. “The company is working with authorities and internal and external experts to determine the cause of this incident. Some side-by-side units that were in our storage yard were lost, representing approximately six days of production. While we expect this incident will delay certain side-by-side deliveries, dealers and customers can be assured we are putting measures in place to mitigate its impact.” in El Paso, Texas, reports that all 1,500 workers inside the plant were safely evacuated. An estimated 200 firefighters needed four hours to get the blaze under control, according to the report. View the report at the link below.

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