Ski-Doo announces LinQ Lock

BRP’s LinQ accessory system has taken a step forward in making it easy to customize recreational products for individual needs, with customers being able to add or remove accessories quickly and easily within seconds (adding great functionality). However, that also meant anyone with less honorable intentions could also remove those same accessories quickly. The new LinQ Lock system aims to solve that issue.

The LinQ lock works with any LinQ mount accessory – retrofitting to all years of the design – and is simple and robust to remain functional in varied weather like snow, ice and mud. The system features a rubber cap to protect the key socket, and because the lock doesn’t affix to a specific item it can be moved around amongst a rider’s accessories easily – and the choice to use it one day and not the next remains.

One will cost $49-$64.99, while a pack of two will run $89.99-$109.99.

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