How to get your customers to say, ‘I’ll take it’

How do some experienced salespeople make selling motorcycles seem so easy? The simple answer is that they have mastered three basic steps: trust, understanding and value. Yes, the motorcycle sales process consists of many more than three steps, but these three often separate the beginners from the pros.

First, the salesperson quickly establishes a person-to-person relationship with a customer. Learning how to build rapport with customers takes practice, but it is the key ingredient for the salesperson to build trust and establish a person-to-person relationship instead of only a salesperson-to-customer relationship.

Next, they learn as much as they can about what their customers want and why. This middle “fact-finding” step is often missed by new salespeople who fail to probe and listen, but fact-finding is critical in order for the salesperson to know how best to involve the customer with a product demonstration.

Then the salesperson applies creativity and enthusiasm to a product demonstration to build value. While the first two steps lay the foundation for the product demonstration, the key to customers spontaneously saying, “I’ll take it” is a memorable and relevant product demonstration.

The best salespeople make these three steps happen seamlessly, but with practice anyone can use trust, understanding and value to have customers asking to buy.

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