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Powersports dealers not affected by CDK Global’s cyber attack

The dealer management system (DMS) shutdown affecting over 15,000 U.S. auto dealerships is not impacting powersports dealers (or marine and RV dealers), according to Lightspeed DMS, which used to be part of CDK Global.

Reports say the hackers are demanding tens of millions of dollars from CDK.

CDK Global was hit by a cyberattack last week, resulting in the shutdown of its systems. PSB reached out to Lightspeed to confirm that powersports dealers were safe from what is now being called a “ransom event.”

A spokeswoman for LightspeedDMS told RV Business that the DMS used by its customers is managed independently from CDK Global, even though the same parent company, Brookfield Business Partners, owns them. “The operations and the services we provide to our RV, marine, powersports, trailer, golf, and OPE dealerships remain fully operational,” she says.

LightspeedDMS LLC was formed as a standalone business in 2023. Before that, ADP Lightspeed changed its name to “CDK Global Recreation” for the dealer services side of the business and ADP launched it as CDK Global Inc., which then split off the recreational side to Lightspeed.

CDK Global has over 15,000 automotive dealer locations across North America and is in the process of working through the issues it has with the hackers, who have been identified as a group called BlackSuit. Reports say the hackers are demanding tens of millions of dollars from CDK.

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