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RumbleOn CFO Lawson to step down

According to recent online reports, RumbleOn’s Chief Financial Officer Blake Lawson will step down following the company’s 2024 Annual Meeting of Shareholders, which is scheduled for June 4, 2024.

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The resignation was formalized in a letter submitted by Lawson on April 18, 2024, in accordance with the company’s Executive Employment Agreement (Section 5[b]) dated January 19, 2023.

Lawson joined RumbleOn in 2021 as CFO of retail operations. Before RumbleOn, Lawson was the CFO of RideNow Powersports, the Coulter Automotive Group, and America’s Powersports, Inc. As CFO of America’s Powersports Inc., a company acquired by the RideNow organization in 2016, Lawson began implementing centralized accounting and standardizing best practices and processes.

Lawson has been instrumental in RumbleOn’s financial operations and played an essential role in acquiring and integrating the RideNow group of powersports retailers in 2021. His leadership has been pivotal in successfully assimilating RideNow and other acquisitions, significantly impacting the company’s current position.

The announcement of Lawson’s resignation is based on information from a press statement and is significant as the company prepares for its Annual Meeting.

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