Ski-Doo adds new brand ambassadors

Ski-Doo is expanding its roster of global brand ambassadors with the addition of three women who have deep roots in winter sports.

Nadine Overwater, Shena Thomas and Michelle Salt will join a passionate global Ski-Doo community that celebrates all those who ride. The commitment is part of the brand’s ongoing efforts to inspire and empower adventure-loving women to experience ‘That Ski-Doo Feeling.’

Overwater and Thomas have extensive backgrounds that are proof they’ve been snowmobiling ambassadors for quite some time already. Overwater has been riding for 30 years, with the last 14 in the mountains and hosting clinics for eight seasons now. Thomas has been riding for 12 years and hosting riding clinics for five years. Their avalanche education speaks volumes about commitment as Overwater has Operations Level 2 certification and Thomas is currently Operations Level 1 and will reach Level 2 this winter (which are professional level courses). That means they’re qualified to teach the recreational courses most riders would attend in addition to conducting commercial operations in avalanche terrain.

Salt is an inspirational story of hard work, perseverance and empowerment all in one. Always a hard worker, she has overcome losing her leg to compete in Paralympic Snowboarding for the Canadian National Team and captured 14 World Cup podiums before retiring in 2019. She turned to snowmobiling to fill her winter desire for adrenaline and has been absorbing the sport with her usual high energy and thirst to master any challenge.

You can follow each of them on Instagram:
Nadine Overwater: @nadineoverwater
Shena Thomas: @shenanigansthomas
Michelle Salt: @parashredder