Harley-Davidson announces PR partner for China

Harley-Davidson has appointed Golin to maintain its corporate reputation in China. According to the official announcement, Golin will implement a scaled, earned media strategy throughout China for Harley-Davidson, supporting the brand’s growth in the country by providing tailor-made solutions including product launches, brand campaigns, dealer communications, brand partnerships, and consumer activations.

Earlier in 2021, Powersports Business reported when Harley-Davidson announced it had completed “The Rewire” – the critical overhaul of its business – setting a strong foundation for “The Hardwire” five-year strategic plan to deliver profitable and desirable long-term growth and shareholder value in the U.S.

Golin will be responsible for helping Harley-Davidson redefine its iconic brand to appeal to biking enthusiasts and inspire a new generation of riders into the saddle by convincing them to “live to ride and ride to live.” Golin was awarded the contract by demonstrating its ability in driving clients’ business through data-driven creativity combined with culturally relevant consumer insights and integrated storytelling capabilities.

The team at Golin will enhance the iconic motorcycle brand’s appeal by working closely with Harley-Davidson’s marketing team to align with the brand’s strategic five-year plan to target profitable growth and increase brand desirability.

“Harley-Davidson is not only the greatest motorcycle brand in history but is also one of the most admired lifestyle brands in the world, and we are thrilled to be partnering with them,” said Lydia Shen, Managing Director of Golin China in the announcement. “Golin is looking forward to creating brave campaigns that will expand Harley-Davidson’s appeal in China by focusing on their strong sense of originality, premium experience, and personalization.”

With numerous dealership acquisitions as well as recent closings, what are you seeing for a Harley presence in your region?

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