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Digital merchandising company acquires AI platform

SpinCar announced today that it has acquired Pulsar AI, creator of the auto industry’s most advanced conversational AI platform. By combining Pulsar’s virtual sales assistant technology with SpinCar’s industry-leading digital merchandising offering, the company will expand its solution set to drive greater levels of online shopper engagement and lead conversion for auto retailers.

The acquisition will enable SpinCar to extend its shopper data and digital content assets into additional dealer communication channels and customer touchpoints. Pulsar’s automated communication technology will be integrated into the SpinCar platform and Pulsar’s 30 employees will become part of SpinCar’s expanded global Product, Operations and R&D organization.

“Pulsar’s team of deep learning specialists, developers, data scientists, linguists and operations personnel have developed some of the most powerful conversational AI capabilities available today,” said Devin Daly, SpinCar Co-Founder and CEO. “We are thrilled to welcome them to the SpinCar family, and we look forward to leveraging Pulsar’s expertise and technology innovations to deliver even greater business results for dealers of all sizes and types. This acquisition will enable us to accelerate our platform expansion efforts to meet growing demand for digital capabilities that deliver more engaging and personalized experiences to vehicle shoppers at every touchpoint.”

Michael Quigley, SpinCar Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer added, “The acquisition of Pulsar along with future acquisitions of innovative technology companies in the auto space represent a key component of our growth strategy.”

Dachi Choladze and Zaal Gachechiladze began working together in 2016, developing AI technology for financial companies in the country of Georgia. In 2019, Sopo Chkoidze joined the team and together they founded Pulsar to create conversational AI technology for auto retailers. Georgian-American entrepreneur George Arison actively supported the company and helped the team identify the unique opportunity in the auto retailing space. The company was among the first to receive support from Georgia’s Innovation and Technology Agency (GITA). This transaction represents the first foreign acquisition of a tech company in the country of Georgia. Early company investors include New York-based Great Oaks Venture Capital and San Francisco-based Ridge Ventures.

Pulsar’s conversational AI platform leverages proprietary Machine Learning (ML) models and Natural Language Processing (NLP) combined with Artificial Intelligence technology to engage online shoppers in personalized two-way conversations. The company’s technology increases the efficiency and effectiveness of dealership BDCs and Internet Sales operations by delivering immediate, relevant and persistent follow-up to every online lead submission. Pulsar’s automated communication capability can respond to an unlimited number of shopper inquiries via email or text.

“SpinCar has established itself as a trusted partner to thousands of auto dealers around the world, and we share a common belief that technology can be used to drive operational efficiencies while also delivering a better shopping experience,” said Dachi Choladze, Pulsar Co-Founder and CEO. “Innovations that we have made in the field of conversational AI are setting new standards for dialog automation. Joining SpinCar will enable us to further accelerate the development of applications that leverage the power of conversational AI.”

As traditional brick and mortar dealers face growing competition from highly capitalized, digital-first auto retailers, the need for business transformation is more critical than ever. SpinCar’s expanding data sets, content libraries and technology applications are helping thousands of dealers drive operating efficiencies while delivering seamless and more personalized omni-channel experiences to meet the needs of today’s consumer. With the Pulsar acquisition, SpinCar will maintain offices in New York (NYC and Syracuse), San Francisco, Tbilisi, Manchester (UK) and Toronto.

— Dave McMahon, editor, dmcmahon at

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