Polaris announces new GEMs

Global Electric Motorcars (GEMs), an all-electric offering in personal carts, is now providing new ways to extend rider personality into their favorite vehicle.

Polaris has announced its launching an entirely new line of offerings for street legal GEMs including a panoramic sky roof, 11 bold paint color options, premium upholstery options, new sport tires and rims, Rockford Fosgate audio and interior glow lighting. These new options paired with GEMs already sustainable, safe and stylish design offers over 10,000 configurations for customers to create their own personalized cart to enjoy their communities and stand out with their style.

“GEMs have been used in beach towns, neighborhoods, and gated, golf and leisure communities for decades. We’ve seen trends that more and more residents in these areas want a cart to socialize, cruise to entertainment areas, and use in other ways to simply enjoy the community,” said Keith Simon, vice president and general manager, Polaris Commercial. “We’ve also seen a major increase in these customers wanting to find ways to make these carts their own, so we invested to make that happen with our GEMs, a street legal cart that already stands out in the crowd.”

Details from the official announcement can be found below:

Meet GEM at the Intersection of Style, Sustainability and Safety

GEM electric vehicles are the ultimate personal transport vehicles – and their designation as low-speed vehicles (LSVs) make them street legal. They are made to order in Anaheim, California, with factory-installed accessories for the highest quality finish, tailored for each customer. Polaris GEM electric vehicles are allowed on any road posted 35 mph or less and are charged by standard outlets. Open air or with doors and windows, the vehicles offer a uniquely fun ride for drivers and passengers alike without sacrificing GEM’s established safety features like forward-facing bucket seats, three-point seatbelts, signal and headlights, automotive-grade windshield, side and rearview mirror, back-up camera and front and rear hydraulic brakes.

Panoramic Sky Roof

All-new, transparent Panoramic Sky Roof utilizes motorcycle windshield technology allowing the modified acrylic roof to span the entire length of the GEM in each model configuration – two, four and six-seat. The roof panels come in translucent smoked gray to help filter sunlight while maintaining a clear, expansive and unique view up. A white roof is also still available.

Bold Paint Colors


In addition to white and black exterior colors, GEMs can now be ordered in either a gloss or matte finish in Sunset Red, Navy Blue, Titanium Metallic Gray, Bronson Rock and Orange Rust as well as Radiant Green in a gloss finish for 11 new color options.

Premium Upholstery

Individual bucket seats with high backs are ergonomic for ultimate comfort over bench seats. A new seat pattern is highlighted by three high-end vegan leather fabrics to introduce appealing textures that elevate the style of the seat. The seats are offered in three new color options to add to the customization of each GEM. The weather-resistant, luxury seats can be covered in Beechwood, Avalanche Gray and Black or Beachwood and Black color combinations.

Integrated Rockford Fosgate Audio

Superior sound quality is provided by the newly designed Rockford Fosgate audio system. Made to withstand weather, the speakers are Element Ready and deliver superior outdoor audio performance without the need for an amplifier. A bigger, surround sound is possible with two speakers in front and two in back. These speakers are controlled by an in-dash tuner that is Bluetooth and audio-in compatible to broadcast audio from another device, like a cell phone, or use the built-in AM/FM tuner for the radio.

In addition to these all-new options to add style and fun to GEM, Polaris has a full line of existing options that seamlessly integrate with the new options; doors, bumpers, aluminum wheels, tilt and power steering, a rear trunk box and more. All of these options can be viewed in GEM’s online configurator and built into a personalized cart to match individual styles and use for an ultimate street-legal electric cart.

As a company, Polaris is expanding its electric vehicle portfolio with “rEV’d Up,” an initiative focused on leading the powersports industry in electrification, investing even more in electrification for off-road and recreational vehicles. Over the last decade, Polaris has sold $1 billion in electric vehicles from across the portfolio – with GEM being a part of that. GEM will continue to advance electric benefits for the personal cart customer.

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