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‘Sales down 90 percent in April’: dealership owner

We’re starting to get some feedback at the grassroots level from dealership owners about the impact of COVID-19.

“In our state, we’re not allowed to retail any units,” one Pennsylvania dealership owner told Powersports Business. “It’s made for the worst spring ever. Sales are down 79 percent in March and 90 percent in April. We are only allowed to service existing units and parts sales. Best of all the stimulus money is gone. If it were not for service staying reasonable, we wouldn’t be here.”

Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf has banned sales of powersports vehicles in the state.

I’ve spent time with this dealership owner at dealer meetings, industry shows and such. Are you experiencing a similar decline with your showroom closed and/or being unable to retail per government mandate? Want to share your March-April experience anonymously? We will ride this out together.

— Dave McMahon, editor, 763-383-4411 office

Here’s another look at the April retail environment.

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