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Best March unit sales ever, April better than last year: dealer

“We had the best March we’ve ever had. We sold 36 units last week and we sold 12 units Wednesday. April will be better than last year. We’re averaging 30 units a week since we locked the doors, and that was earlier than anybody else around here. We sold out of all our dirt bikes.”

The coronavirus apparently isn’t all doom and gloom for dealerships that maintain peak customer service for those who are eager to get out and ride. The description from the dealership owner above came via a phone conversation with Powersports Business.

“I just want to offer some good news,” the owner told PSB. “We’re using all the CDC protocols for distancing, cleaning. We’re all wearing masks and gloves, cleaning like crazy. I think our doors have been locked for a month now. We were earlier than we had to be on that. We are doing everything by appointment, so we get customers staged outside and we’ll bring out whatever bike they want to see. And we don’t really ever have a backup of customers on the sidewalk because we’re by appointment only. The bulk of them have already figured out online which specific bike they want and have started the paperwork, so it’s just getting the signature and making sure they’re happy. Off they go and a few minutes later here’s the next one. Three dirt bikes for the grandkids. Christmas was never this good. Service was up in March and is for April also.”

Are you experiencing a similar surge or units sales with your showroom closed? Want to share your success anonymously to give the dealer body a shot in the arm? Let’s talk about it. We need to share more of these types of stories. We will ride this out together.

— Dave McMahon, editor, 763-383-4411 office

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