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American dirt bike brand Dust Moto launches subscription program

Dust Moto has launched its second crowdfunding campaign as part of its transparent “build in public” approach, opening up 100 subscription spots through its “First100” program. The First100 program offers 100 bikes at 15 percent off the purchase price, with payments spread over 15 months with no interest.

The monthly subscription model aligns incentives for the customer and company, ensuring risk is minimized, perks are delivered and each First100 participant receives a production motorcycle. Dust Moto claims it is the first powersports company to offer its customers access to the development process, a rare opportunity to help build an American dirt bike and brand from scratch.

Dust Moto’s First100 program offers 100 bikes at 15 percent off the purchase price, with payments spread over 15 months with no interest.

Alpha_1 prototype

Six months after successfully closing its initial Angel investment and Founders50 programs, Dust Moto has a fully functioning Alpha_1 Prototype. The company found success by involving members of its Founders50 program during the initial design and development process, with their feedback helping further propel the brand to its validated Alpha_1 prototype in only six months.

“The mid-sized Model_1 corners like a 125 and pulls like a 250,” says Colin Godby, founder of Dust Moto. “Initial rider feedback has validated the concept, and through our ongoing development program, Dust continues to refine its concept into a category-defining electric dirt bike.”

Dust Moto has a fully functioning Alpha_1 Prototype.

Mid-size design

Dust is targeting the mid-size category by building a bike that highlights the benefits of electric, minimizes the drawbacks and maximizes fun with distinctive size, weight and powertrain characteristics.

“This bike is not designed to replace the full-size gas-powered dirt bike in your garage,” Godby says. “Instead, it’s a less intimidating, more user-friendly mid-sized dirt bike that opens up new opportunities for riders to spend more time riding moto, be it backyard tracks, freeride zones or singletrack.”

The electric dirt bike is designed to deliver a thrilling experience for pro-level riders while appealing to less experienced riders and crossover athletes from MTB, snow and water sports.

Model_1 target specs

  • Bike Size – Mid-size (95% wheelbase of a full-size bike, and 95% stand over.)
  • Wheel Sizes – Full-size dirt bike wheel spec (21″ Front, 18″/19″ Rear)
  • Suspension – 260mm front, 275mm rear with custom kinematics
  • Brakes – 260mm front brake disc, 220mm rear disc
  • Peak Power – 26kW+/35hp
  • Battery – 3.5kWh swappable
  • Torque – 500Nm
  • Speed – 60+ mph
  • Weight – 91kg (Target 200lbs)
  • MSRP – $10,950

Click on the video below to watch the Alpha in action:

First100 Program

Riders who sign up for one of the First100 program spots receive a dirt bike at a discounted rate and gain access to Dust’s monthly member meetings, newsletters and behind-the-scenes updates. Once the final production runs, First100 members receive bike delivery from the first batch of bikes, including exclusive custom touches.

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