Sea-Doo celebrates International Female Ride Day with group ride in Florida

With the recent International Female Ride Day that took place on May 6, Sea-Doo embraced the day with a flagship female group ride in New Smyrna Beach, Florida. Nearly fifty women riders gathered on Disappearing Island to enjoy refreshments, a live DJ, and camaraderie courtesy of BRP.

Sea-Doo celebrated International Female Ride Day on May 6, with nearly 50 riders gathering at New Smyrna Beach in Florida to ride and enjoy the day. (Photo: YouTube)

In addition, Sea-Doo Ambassadors and riding clubs across the nation embarked on group rides to mark the day, celebrating the growing number of women riders participating in the sport.

While International Female Ride Day offers a great reason for women to get out on the water in May, Sea-Doo says it strives to promote inclusion and diversity every day, encouraging women from all backgrounds to get behind the handlebars and drive their own destinies.