AMA taps Revzilla as title sponsor of ADV Riding Series

The American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) announced recently that it signed Revzilla as its title sponsor for the 2023 AMA National Adventure Riding Series. The series features 13 two-day events across the country and is designed to meet the needs of adventure riders looking to explore off-road terrain on their motorcycles.

Revzilla joins AMA’s National ADV Riding Series as its title sponsor for 2023. (Photo: AMA)

“Revzilla’s passion for adventure riding and its dedication to supporting the motorcycle community aligns perfectly with the spirit of the Revzilla AMA National Adventure Riding Series,” says AMA COO James Holter. “Revzilla’s involvement increases much-needed and valuable support for the AMA and our chartered organizations that deliver challenging and inspiring events for adventure riders across the country.”

Founded in 2007 by a core team of riders, Revzilla’s mission is to serve riders while fueling the industry and inspiring the community.

“More and more riders are discovering adventure riding, and this series provides a great way for newer, as well as experienced, riders to get their bikes dirty off-road,” adds Steve Bontempo, Revzilla/Comoto chief digital officer.

The 2023 Revzilla AMA National Adventure Riding Series will feature a wide range of events, including dual-adventure routes, backcountry exploration, and rally-inspired activities. Riders of all skill levels can participate, and the events will be organized by AMA clubs and promoters across the country.