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Dealership owner grows footprint to four locations with acquisition

A former executive in management with Team Mancuso Powersports is off and running in his new role as a dealership owner, according to a press release from Powersports Listings Mergers & Acquisitions.

Powersports Listings Mergers & Acquisitions announced new ownership of three family-owned dealerships in the Houston area.

Big O Powersports LLC has acquired Texas Yamaha Inc. (locations Webster and Texas City) along with Texas Powersports of Pasadena, with its principal owner Phillip Orange of Houston Motorsports expanding his Houston market presence from one to four dealerships. The Pasadena, Webster, and Texas City acquisition represents a powerful brand lineup including Honda, Yamaha, Polaris, Club Car, Roxor, Husqvarna and Specialized Electric Bikes from three southeast Houston facilities.

(From left) Craig Buchman, Angel Bucsanyi and Wendy Buchman have sold their trio of dealership locations to Deano Merrigan and Phillip Orange.

Selling owners Wendy and Craig Buchman and the Bucsanyi family have a rich history dating back to the 1970s in building the three dealerships as they exist today. Wendy and Craig Buchman were referred to PLMA by Steve Littlefield, a longtime dealership owner and member of the Texas Motorcycle Dealers Association.

Orange, previously in management with Team Mancuso Powersports, had recently acquired Houston Motorsports in northeast Houston, representing Yamaha, Polaris, Kawasaki, Kymco, Roxor, and Kayo, and was hungry for more locations.

Although PLMA was working with another buyer, Orange moved to the front of line with a clear plan to complete the large acquisition of three operating dealerships and each facility.

“For several weeks, I welcomed Wendy and Craig Buchman as my first call of the day and Phillip Orange as my last call well into the evening,” said Jerry Szopinski, PLMA’s president of Sales & Networking regarding the process of structuring the deal.

Wendy and Craig Buchman commented, “This was a significantly emotional and complex event in our lives and we are incredibly thankful that Phillip Orange was so personable and easy to work with.”

“I am honored to take over this incredible multi-generation family-built business,” Orange said. “Thanks to Wendy, Craig, and Angel, I have inherited great customers and a phenomenal staff!”

Now, Orange along with his wife, Kelli, are carrying on the legacy created 50 years ago.

PLMA’s CIO David Clay and CEO Tom Macatee were on site to manage final reconciliations and funding with the closing taking place on April 30, 2022.

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