National Powersport Auctions steps up strategic partnership of National Powersports Dealer Association

“NPA believes that dealers are critical to the future of powersports,” says National Powersport Auctions CEO Jim Woodruff. “They are at the front lines of the consumer experience that fuels our industry and we are committed to helping them be the best they can be.” Already a strong supporter and trusted advisor to the National Powersports Dealer Association, NPA has expanded its efforts to engage with dealers in meaningful dialog and mutually beneficial actions.

“NPA is the industry’s authority on pre-owned and the largest provider of powersport auction services,” he adds. “We share NPDA’s PURE vision and belief that our industry is better when we all work together.” NPDA continues to bring dealers in under its PURE banner (Promote, Unite, Represent, Educate).

“Partnering with NPDA is a true commitment to the long-term excellence and success of powersports dealers and we are eternally grateful for the support, leadership and friendship that Jim Woodruff and NPA have extended the Association,” states NPDA Chair Bob Althoff. “Mr. Woodruff was the very first advisor to support this crazy notion that dealers could come together and strive for retail excellence, and he has been in our corner from day one. Without Woodruff’s sage counsel and NPA’s support, NPDA would still be stuck on the drawing board.”