Cardo Systems introduces new PACKTALK Headphones

Cardo Systems has announced the availability of its new PACKTALK Headphones. The new accessory extends use cases for the PACKTALK BOLD and BLACK models by allowing users to stay connected in non-helmet scenarios.

Similar to “gaming” headsets, the PACKTALK Headphones feature noise-canceling earmuffs and a boom mic for crystal-clear communication. A built-in Cardo cradle allows users to conveniently transfer their PACKTALK unit from their helmet to their headphones. Once transferred, the PACKTALK operates just as though it was locked in on the side of the helmet – allowing anyone off the bike to communicate easily and effectively within the intercom network of up to 15 people.

“Over the last several years, we worked closely with industry professionals around the world to understand the need for an accessory that would allow seamless communication in non-helmet applications,” said Dan Emodi, chief marketing officer for Cardo Systems. “We sent prototypes to coaches, instructors and other industry professionals. Feedback was incredible, as many shared personal testimonials that confirmed the need for such a product in the marketplace.”

Powersports Business previously spoke with Emodi for a digital edition about the benefits of dealerships offering communications accessories to customers in an effort to keep them in the industry long-term

According to the announcement, Cardo’s early work to garner prototype feedback from professionals and integration into authentic experiences like the 2019 Monster Energy Cup helped the brand design and develop a durable and dependable product. Among those who tested early prototypes, include motocross legend Ricky Carmichael, Javi Echevarría, personal manager of pro off road rider Pol Tarres and video producer from Spain and last but not least off road legend and riding coach from New Zealand Chris Birch.

“I personally wish we would have had them when I was racing,” said Carmichael. “During training, they enable the riders to be on track a lot more and apply our feedback in real time, instead of us having to pull them over and tell them the sections they need to work on. Being able to communicate to a rider in real time creates a dynamic and much more efficient practice session.”

“We definitely gained a lot of productivity because of the perfect communication with the rider and saved much time and energy,” said Echevarría.

Available for $129.90, uses for the PACKTALK Headphones extend beyond motorcycle instruction. From production shoots to UTV applications such as hunting, fishing and farming, users will greatly benefit from the PACKTALK’s hands-free, always-on communication network.