Taiga Motors, Gregoire Sport aim to become electric powerhouse

As the entire powersports industry increasingly eyes the potential for electric vehicles, the snowmobile segment has also taken note as well.

Taiga Motors has been creating headlines for a few years straight, as the Quebec-based company gets closer to unveiling its electric fleet that it claims will rival the competitive feel of traditional snowmobiles – and open an entirely new customer base in the process.

In the recent digital edition of Powersports Business Gregoire Sport owner Gaby Gregoire discussed his introduction to and intrigue with the company, as well as, his plans to become the world’s first, and largest, Taiga Motors dealer.

Will Taiga change the course of the industry, or be another short-lived dream? Click on the photo below to learn about the details of its origins, and what could be next.

Taiga Motors, Gregoire Sport