Yamaha offers support for disaster recovery efforts

A devastating tornado in the town of Newnan, Georgia, has proven how the One Yamaha Team can work together for positive results.

Yamaha staff delivered four utility golf cars (UMAX) to the Newnan Police Department as limited time loaners under a short-term special event agreement developed over the weekend with the assistance of its legal team.

The units were quickly put to use by the police and fire departments to deliver supplies that have been staged at the police station. The deputy chief of police noted that the streets were so congested with piles of debris and line worker trucks that these vehicles were the perfect size to zip around and between the obstacles. They have been in constant use and have performed perfectly, not even a flat tire despite all the debris.

In addition to the vehicles and materials to support the recovery efforts, Yamaha’s Terrain Vehicle Product Development contributed their time as well as the capabilities of two Wolverines to help the Newnan Police Department deliver food and supplies. The Police enthusiastically welcomed the offer of support because several neighborhoods could not be reached with patrol cars or even the UMAX vehicles due to congestion, debris, and downed power lines. Yamaha’s team distributed buckets of food and supplies, gave residents and volunteer’s rides, checked on impacted coworkers, and even hauled some debris. The Wolverines demonstrated their impressive capability and the Yamaha volunteers demonstrated their dedication to community with great spirit.

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Local residents and members from Yamaha take part in disaster recovery efforts.