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NYC Harley-Davidson acquired by PVM Enterprises

Paul Veracka has acquired New York City Harley-Davidson, located just outside Manhattan.

“This is a unique opportunity with New York City Harley-Davidson being located in the largest metro in the United States“ said Veracka in an announcement. New York City Harley-Davidson is Veracka’s third acquisition in the last six months. In December he purchased Brian’s Harley-Davidson, as well as, Old Glory Harley-Davidson in September.

Veracka currently operates nine dealerships, with several being some of the new bike volume dealerships in the world. Operating the highest sales volume dealerships in the U.S. with an emphasis on a premium customer experience has allowed for the rapid expansion to continue. Veracka’s dealerships have been awarded multiple Harley-Davidson Bar & Shield Awards, PSB Power 50 Awards and Best Place to Work Awards over the years.

“I’m excited for the opportunity to grow the Harley-Davidson market share along with positively impacting the entire motorcycle community in New York City,” said Veracka. “Industry leading, performance-based compensation plans allow me to attract and retain top talent in the industry. Our systems and procedures allow the average skilled performers to do a good job, and the highly skilled performers to do an outstanding job. We allocate resources in the right marketing channels and events to bring customers to the store, and then let the staff deliver a premium customer experience to keep them coming back for life… The strategy we implement on the dealership level has grown the Harley-Davidson market an average of 300% across all acquisitions over the past several years. This aligns with Harley-Davidson’s strategy of growing ridership as we introduce thousands of new Harley-Davidson riders each year to the brand.”

According to the announcement, Veracks maintains an aggressive growth strategy with a business model to continue expanding into additional markets. 

“This strategy has allowed me to pay over-market value on these acquisitions as I continue acquiring dealerships. I typically finalize my deals in less than 30 days, whereas many buyers can often take over a year,” Veracka said.

Veracka’s newly branded dealer group, PVM Enterprises, now owns nine Harley-Davidson dealerships and will sell thousands of Harley-Davidson motorcycles this coming year.

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