Swartz adds Energica to MOTUS, Dyno shop in Mass.

Italy-based Energica Motor Company S.p.A. has announced that its newest dealership in the U.S. is Energica of New England in Gardner, Massachusetts, in Greater Boston.

New England has seen a doubling of electric vehicle ownership and new charging station construction in the past two years, with over 30,000 EV vehicles in operation and 6,483 EV charging stations. Every state in the region has signed up to the Northeast Electric Vehicle Network with state-by-state programs and incentives to exponentially increase EV sales and grow the EV charging infrastructure to sustain them. 

In Massachusetts, 300,000 electric vehicles are planned to be on the road by 2025, for a share of at least 23% of all new car purchases in that year.  Eversource Energy, New England’s largest power provider, plans to add 3,500 new public and workplace chargers to help power these vehicles by then, which alone would almost double the number of chargers in that state. The reason for these aggressive initiatives is data that shows that internal combustion vehicles account for 43% of all carbon dioxide emissions in Massachusetts, 52% in Maine and 38% in Connecticut. Boston, the area’s largest city, has even promised to become completely carbon-neutral by 2050.

“Unquestionably, the next major region in the U.S. to push electric aggressively will be the Northeast, especially New England,” said Stefano Benatti, CEO of Energica Motor Company Inc. “We know that the adoption of electric cars will also benefit electric motorcycles, especially those, like ours, that can access DC Fast Charging stations and quickly power up for long-distance riding.”

The owner/operator of Energica of New England, Rob Swartz, has over 30 years of technical and mechanical experience in the motorcycle industry.  His companion businesses at the same location are Rob’s Dyno Service and MOTUS of New England.

“We are very excited about becoming a new Energica dealer in the Northeast. We see enormous potential for premium electric motorcycles in New England, where we see more and more electric vehicles and EV charging stations virtually every single day,” said Swartz. “Proof of concept for us is that even in the dead of winter, we’ve already sold our first Energica bike — which is also the first RS Version to be sold to a customer in the United States. We are certain it will be the first of many more!”

Swartz has been working on bikes for about 35 years, and for the past 17 years has been the owner of Rob’s Dyno Service in Gardner, where he has worked on all kinds of motorcycles, from simple service to complete restorations and engine rebuilds.  Being in the tuning business for so long, Swartz gets to see and ride up to 400 bikes in a year, which is perfect for him, as he is so passionate about them.

He took on the American-built Motus brand in 2016 and today he remains one of the very few expert resources for their owners nationwide who need to service or rebuild their motorcycles. 

After he first discovered Energica Motor Company last year, he made the 17-hour round trip from his family’s home near Banning, California, to Energica offices in Redwood City to see the premium Italian electric sport bikes in person, and on the spot decided to make his pitch to become the next official Energica dealer in the U.S.


Swartz is now making aftermarket parts to enhance Energica bikes.