Family parts with dealership after 47 years of ownership

Powersports Listings Mergers & Acquisitions announced that after 47 years of ownership by the Roundy family, Fun Bike Center in San Diego has been acquired by Jerry Gilding and Phil Acton. Gilding and Acton currently own and operate Temecula Motorsports and East Bay Motorsports in California and took over the dealership operations at Fun Bike Center on Aug. 5.

Fun Bike Center was owned and operated by the Roundy family since 1972. Darrow Roundy preceded his son and current exiting owner, Gary Roundy, who fully took over the reins in 2007 as the dealer principal. The dealership houses Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki, BRP, Suzuki and Textron Off Road vehicles from its 60,000 square-foot facility in San Diego. After decades of successful operations, Gary's decision to retire came around. Upon this decision, Gary reached out to Jerry Szopinski, president of Sales & Networking of Powersports Listings M&A, as the result of recommendations from several industry associates.

(From left) Jerry Gilding, Gary Roundy and Phil Acton were all smiles after the sale of Fun Bike Center in San Diego was completed. Photo courtesy of Powersports Listings M&A

The Powersports Listings team identified and worked with dozens of interested parties for the physically attractive and profitable enterprise known as Fun Bike Center.

As interest was evaluated, Szopinski identified powersports dealership veterans Gilding and Acton as the lead buyer candidates. Gilding's Temecula Motorsports operation houses Honda, Yamaha, Polaris, Kawasaki, BRP, Suzuki, and Textron Off Road and is one of the nation's largest volume dealerships.

Gilding and Roundy were big-time rival dealers in the 1990s and early 2000s, when Gilding was an owner of San Diego House of Motorcycles, which was acquired by America's Powersports (APS), where Gilding served as president. Powersports Listings M&A was able to build a bridge and bring a deal together, despite decades of discord over recruitment of each other's employees and head-to-head competition on sales deals. 

Gary Roundy noted at the transaction closing, "I was really impressed with the Powersports Listings M&A team as they had the expertise to successfully manage all aspects of my transaction from beginning to end. They proved to be a critical factor not only as to deal mechanics but also the management of personal relationships."

Gilding and Acton further commented, "We appreciated David Clay's and Tom Macatee's contribution in being on-site for the closing process and final reconciliations. Their time and attention made our lives much easier in consummating this complex transaction."

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