Social video content tips for the powersports dealer


Consumers have more distractions and less time to consume your content than ever before. Video is a great way to get in front of this because it can offer more information in less time than words or images… so if you are still reading, let’s look at what gives a video its best chance for success on each social media platform.

Of course, there are unlimited opportunities with each platform and these are merely suggestions based on what works best for Team Winnebagoland.

YouTube (~2 Minutes)

Google purchased YouTube because of the strong relationship between the two. It is a website people often visit to further educate themselves on a variety of topics. A video on YouTube can hold a viewer’s attention for more than two minutes if done correctly. It should be a how to, product review, or a product comparison.

Facebook (~1:30)

Because of the diversity of its users, strategies can differ on Facebook. As a rule of thumb, videos need to be within the 1:30 to 2:00 range to accommodate both the consumer who finds your video through search as well as scrolling. Facebook videos are a little less specific than YouTube videos that include new product introductions and branding videos in addition to how to, product reviews, and comparisons.

Twitter (~45 Seconds)

Twitter is the original bird brain platform. Yes it is a pun, but it is a pun embraced by its creators and users. Get to the point in less than 45 seconds and make sure the video coincides with a trending hashtag that day.


Instagram (~30 Seconds)

Instagram videos need to be able to be consumed in the same amount of time it takes to take in an image, which is about 30 seconds or less. They should be visually appealing and have music as opposed to dialogue or monologue.

Snapchat (<30 Seconds)

Snapchat is one of the hardest platforms to get behind because it offers no analytics or insights about who is watching. Still, it is a great way to entertain your current customer base and allows users to simply swipe to follow a link, which may be all you need to get the right customer to the right page.

Each video should have a call to action, and each video requires as much time as you can spare to produce. Follow Team Winnebagoland for examples. Action!

Eric McMullen is the marketing coordinator at Team Winnebagoland, a premium midwest dealer, where he manages all marketing efforts for powersports and marine. With backgrounds in marketing, media production, and automotive, Eric brings an exciting twist to powersports and is redefining the industry with groundbreaking digital marketing techniques.

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