Free Video Marketing 101: Powersports Edition


Video is the most effective way to get in front of your customers right now. This shouldn’t come as a surprise, but if you aren’t doing it yet, why not? No one knows your products and your brand better than you. This qualifies you for the big screen! Here are three tips to help you get started making videos at your dealership. You’re going to be a star!

Call To Action

This is the most important part of a video for marketers. Have something specific you want your viewers to do. Whether it be getting people to visit a page on your site, fill out a finance application, or really anything else you want people to do, a video without a call to action is a waste of time.


Writing a script for your video will help you stick to the point and save you time on post production. If you don’t have the time or skills needed to edit videos, writing a script becomes even more important. It doesn’t need to be fancy. Just type it up and read it out loud a few times before pushing record.


Selfie videos are great in a pinch but a tripod will help you look professional, free up both of your hands, and is more cost effective than repurposing your sales team to be your film crew.

Even if you only follow these three simple tips, you will drive results with your videos but we are just scratching the surface. Tune in to Team Winnebagoland on social media for examples and don’t touch that dial because we will explore which types of videos are most successful on each of the major social media platforms in the next blog!


Eric McMullen is the marketing coordinator at Team Winnebagoland, a premium midwest dealer, where he manages all marketing efforts for powersports and marine. With backgrounds in marketing, media production, and automotive, Eric brings an exciting twist to powersports and is redefining the industry with groundbreaking digital marketing techniques.

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