Don’t talk your customers out of buying

If your salespeople are having trouble turning shoppers into buyers, find out if the salespeople are talking customers out of buying. No salesperson would turn away customers on purpose, but by skipping the “fact-finding” step of the sales process, a salesperson may end up making customers less likely to buy.

What attracted the customer to your dealership, and why are they interested in that particular motorcycle? Armed with an answer to those questions (as well as some other probing questions, too, hopefully) the salesperson can tailor his or her customer interaction to help build trust and value and help confirm and support the idea the customer already has: to buy a motorcycle.

Another key word here is simplicity. If the customer is already convinced that a motorcycle is a good value, or is well-made, or handles well, or is fast, or sounds good, or whatever is important to them, then don’t complicate things. Just work on making it simple and easy for the customer to become an owner. If necessary, work with them to help remove any obstacles preventing the purchase. If the customer is already headed down the path to saying “yes,” then don’t stop for a detour to mention other models to consider, or to impress the customer with technical knowledge about how the transmission works.

Many customers do require persuasive selling, but for others, all that is needed is a salesperson as a trusted co-conspirator to confirm that it is a great idea to buy this particular motorcycle from this dealership. By first getting to know the customer through fact-finding, a successful salesperson will be able to tailor customer interaction to lead directly to a simple and easy purchase with no detours.

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