Harley-Davidson dealership sold to automotive veteran

Boneyard Harley-Davidson in Winterville, North Carolina, has been acquired from Marc Ingwersen and Jerry Carrillo to Steven Towers and Bobbie Krull.

The dealership has been co-owned by Marc Ingwersen and Jerry Carrillo since 2019, who also own two dealerships in Ohio: Buckeye Harley-Davidson and CinCity Harley-Davidson. Bobbie Krull, the current general manager of Boneyard, will be stepping in as partner alongside Steven Towers.

 “Jerry and I had great success in Winterville, North Carolina, but felt it was the right time to focus on our Ohio dealerships,” says Ingwersen. “We decided to hire the industry experts and professionals, George Chaconas and Juan Pardo of Performance Brokerage Services, to help find the right buyer who would continue the great success we had. Making sure our GM and staff were matched up with the right buyer was something these guys were sensitive to, and they brought the right buyer to the table.”

(From left: Marc Ingwersen, Steven Towers, Bobbie Crull, Jerry Carrillo). Steven Towers and Bobbie Krull acquire Boneyard Harley-Davidson in Winterville, North Carolina. Photos courtesy of Performance Brokerage Services

Steven Towers has over a decade of experience as a franchisee for automotive-related retail giants. From 2013 to 2022, Towers managed a network of over 20 retail locations for Midas International. In 2022, he divested his stores to Legacy Auto Group of Texas. Towers Joined Big O Tires as a franchisee in 2021 and has since acquired nine Big O Tires locations across the Midwest. Towers, a long-time Harley-Davidson rider, has always been passionate about the brand and has aspired to own a dealership.

Towers remarked, “Juan Pardo at Performance Brokerage Services introduced me to several Harley-Davidson dealership opportunities, but Boneyard Harley-Davidson was the right fit to be my first acquisition,” says Towers. “Juan was instrumental not only in working with Marc and Jerry, but also with Harley-Davidson Motor Company in getting the deal done. Although I had acquired businesses in the past, the unique process involved in getting approved as a Harley-Davidson dealer was something I couldn’t have done or been prepared for without the help of Juan and George. I am excited to be partnering with the current GM, Bobbie Krull, as we continue the dealership’s great success.”

The dealership will remain at its current location at 2300 Elaine’s Way in Winterville, North Carolina.

Marc Ingwersen and Jerry Carrillo were represented by Phil Rooney of Rooney & Ranzau Law Firm in Findlay, Ohio. Steven Towers was represented by Logan Parker at Bass Sox Mercer in Tallahassee, Florida.