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U.K.: Club Polaris membership grows, Camp Polaris revealed

Following the launch of Club Polaris at the end of 2020, Polaris Britain has announced new initiatives for members and owners of Polaris Off-Road Vehicles, as well as further details of the very first Camp Polaris event.

Launched with the aim of bringing together the community of recreational off-road riders, Club Polaris not only allows owners to stay in touch as well as keeping up to date with the latest news and product announcements with exclusive member-only story content, but also provides a hub of useful information, including recommended green laning routes in close collaboration with the Green Lane Association (GLASS).

Regional ride-outs are a key objective for members too, and over the last eight months, the club has grown with now a dedicated group of owners getting together for regular ride-outs, all organized via the club’s Facebook group.

Amy Cahill of Polaris Britain commented, “We could not be happier with the take-up of Club Polaris. Our prime drive behind setting the Club up was to achieve a sense of community between our owners and that’s very much reflected in the first few months of activity.”

“Ride-outs are not just happening, they are regularly happening, with owners from right across the country meeting up and experiencing the trail and lanes in each other’s areas, it really has become a club that our owners want to be part of.”

And just a few months after its formation, the Club announced its very first Polaris Camp event too, scheduled for Sept. 3-6 in North Wales.

Cahill continued, “Polaris Camp will take place from the 3rd to the 6th of September at Bodrhyddann Hall in North Wales. This will be the first chance to bring the entire club together, while welcoming other riders too. There’s a full itinerary for the weekend, with full days of riding and driving on some specially designed courses in one of the most scenic parts of the UK.”

“But it’s much more than just the riding. We’ll have entertainment for the whole family, opportunities to shop from trusted partners and our own official line, workshops and fun activities throughout. We very much look forward to welcoming many members and riders.”

On top of the announcement of Polaris Camp, the Club has also welcomed it’s first associated partner, offering members preferential rates on its products. Cardo Systems, the market leader in helmet bluetooth communications systems has joined forces with Club Polaris to offer its products to members. Reliable and easy to use, Cardo’s communication systems are perfect for both rider to passenger and for group rides too, thanks to features like Mesh Technology on its PackTalk products that can connect up to 15 users over a one-mile distance.

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